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P-tech projects and services established in 2009 , has become one of the leading service providers for HVAC and cleanroom projects.We have won the trust of the customers by providing services which completely matches their requirements .The services are provided within the specified time frame by the client.

All the desired level of class of cleanliness from class 100 / ISO 5 to class 100 000 / ISO 8, which is as per international standards are met. The heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipments provide both heating and cooling services for different projects like residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Some of the solutions which are provided by us ,are cleaning the contaminant in cleanroom from the fine particles attached to clothing, footwear and materials.

With the increased industrialization, consumers nowadays need pure and fresh products. We also have the solutions where we provide air filters , air shower which is known for cleaning the air from the pollutants after fire or manufacturing process.Fresh air is necessary for the survival of any human being and we are experts in providing these kind of services.

Our services also ensures the cleanliness inside a room with the help of the cleanroom doors , these doors meet all the strict rules and stringent measures required for keeping the door extremely hygienic and suitable for companies of different sectors.They can be customized as per the requirements, are easy to clean and prevents bacteria growth.
We have a team of professionals who have already proved their expertise in the design , detailed engineering necessary for executing any turnkey projects on HVAC and cleanroom.

P-tech projects aims to provide trained design, planning and execution team who understands the client’s requirements completely and successfully deliver the project in a very calculated time period. Our services has been highly appreciated by the existing customers and thus helped us in gaining new customers.

  • HVAC Projects Division
  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Instruments Calibrations
  • Operation and Maintenance of Pharma plants
  • Process and Utility Piping
  • Clean room wall panel | Ceiling panel
  • HVAC/Clean Room Validation
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